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Friday, October 24, 2008

Bad hair week

So I decided I needed a change of hair color. I was at the store and debated between two hair colors, thinking the whole time that I never wanted to dye my hair one color again. (I prefer highlighting) Monday I dyed it an orangish red. Tuesday decided I didn't like it. Thursday I called Melinda and got it re-dyed. Thursday night (when I got home) Kaitlynn says "Montana" (meaning Hannah Montana) and Jeremy said "Why did you change it?" which helped me decide I didn't like it. Friday I went back to Melinda's and had low lights put in and I like it better. Probably damaged it quite a bit, but I got the change I was looking for.
Enough about me, we took Kaitlynn and Cody to the Pumpkin Patch this evening. Kaitlynn found a pumpkin that has "a smile". (It had an indention that swoops like a smile.) So we had to get it. It weighed over 30 pounds.
The other event of the day - I have been holding out on getting gas and haven't gone anywhere all week because prices have been dropping and I wanted to buy it at less than $3 a gallon. So all week it has been 3.11 and today it dropped to 2.99. So I filled up at 11:15 and was excited to have gotten such a good deal. ONE HOUR later it was at 2.92 and at 3:30 it was at $2.82 and this evening $2.76. Seriously! I want my money back. All $3.75 of it.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life in general

These pictures have nothing to do with my story.
So I decided to dye my hair "light natural blonde" because my roots were getting long and dark. Well, this, of course, was not the change I was looking for so now I am more like light-unnatural-orangish-red. Perfect for Halloween if you ask me. Luckily I have a good friend who has squeezed me into her schedule today to take care of this much needed change. On the other hand I am dealing with 3 sick people. Kaitlynn, who threw up all over her bed Tuesday night and Cody, who is in a constant state of ill-feeling and Jeremy, who is downing Aireborn like candy. Can I move out? I wondered. Instead, I put the two kids to bed and pulled out the chocolate peanut butter ice cream and ate it straight out of the container. There goes my whole week of exercising. :) Oh well, I feel better.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh Cody!

I am not sure why I get the fussy babies who can't tolerate food, but that is my lot in life - fighting food. Whether it be eating less for myself or trying to keep it down for my kids. It must have designated itself my eternal nemesis. So my little Cody has had a difficult time keeping food down. So much so, that we had a procedure done at the hospital where he drank Barium and they X-rayed his little tummy. To make a long story short, he basically has acid reflux, a little bit of colic, and possibly pyloric stenosis. (Which means that the spot where his tummy drains into the small intestine might be a little too tight. This requires surgery.) However, we are working on the acid reflux and trying to avoid surgery. He started meds for acid reflux yesterday and there have been a lot more minutes than normal of smiles. Yea! We will shoot for that everyday - just a few more minutes than the day before.
As for Kaitlynn, She and I went for a little drive yesterday to get Cody's medicine and as usual, she talked my ear off, but we were having fun. I had some issues at the pharmacy and had to make a few phone calls on my cell. Then I called Aunt Jenny for something, and then Grandma, and on the last phone call Kaitlynn says "Are you on 'da phone again, Mommy?"
"Yes, I am."
"You're a bad mommy."
I am not sure what the correlation is between being on the phone and being a bad mom. She can't possibly know that it is considered unsafe (while driving in the car), nonetheless, I had to laugh at this judgement. She must have just wanted more of my time. Either way, I found it pretty humorous. Gotta love these kids!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sprinkle me with patience-My first blog

I had an experience today that I felt was significant enough to warrant starting a blog of my own. I happily agreed to watch my friends 2 year old little girl today while she had some things to do thinking that Kaitlynn and her friend would play and I would get some things done and all would be great. My first mistake is believing that 2 year-olds play together. They seem to just play near each other and want the toy the other one has. Either way, they want to see what the other is up to so they stick together. As I am trying to put Cody to bed, the girls keep running in my room and wanting to see what I am doing. I shoo them out of the room with promises of a snack as soon as Cody falls asleep. They finally go downstairs and I hear arguing and Kaitlynn comes to tell me that her friend pushed her and etc etc. But then there are happy noises. Even - (can it be?) - giggling and laughing! They are finally having a good time and they are downstairs where I asked them to be. So take a few extra minutes to tidy up after Cody goes down and then head downstairs. I turn the corner to enter the lower living room and discover the most obnoxious mess. The girls have gotten the sprinkles out of the pantry and are shaking them out over my new rug. These tiny nighmares are all over the floor and everywhere. Her friend had a puddle of them in her dress, the girls' hands are colored, and then I see the colored dots in their hair. You have got to be kidding me. I just vaccuumed, of course, but that issue pales in comparison to what it takes to fix this mess. I scoop as many as I can from Kaitlynn's friend's dress and get them in the kitchen to wash up, give them a snack and send them outside. Then I pull out the vacuum and begin a futile attempt to clean the mess up. Those stupid dots are too light for the vacuum to really suck up and once I turn off the vacuum, I hear them all shuffle down the hose. Not-to-mention the fact that when you run the beater bar over them it shoots each sprinkle like a sling shot, so there are more further away in the rug than just ground zero. So I roll the rug up and take it outside. I look around and decide that the best place to shake it out is the trampoline. But that doesn't get all of them out so I flip onto the grass and kick it and bang it, but there are still beads flying everywhere. So I take it back inside. Now I get to vacuum grass up off of it as well and I am certain there are colorful sprinkles still embedded in the strings of the rug, and under the couches. Of course, there is a colorful array of sprinkles all over the trampoline and the back patio, so even if I got most of it out, they will be back. All of this made me realize that what my friends who have 2 year-olds say is true. I seriously don't know how they keep up with these kids. I completely understand now what they mean when they say they clean up one mess after the other. Kaitlynn is no angel, but she lacks the curiosity that other kids seem to have, so I can humbly say to those poor mothers at their whits end: "I finally get it."