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Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Real Halloween Blog

I realized that the last blog was just a bunch of random pictures and didn't even have Kaitlynn in her costume, so here are more pictures and our Halloween summary.

We had a Miller family Birthday Party on Thursday October 28. We sent out cute invitations and asked everyone to bring a "scary" pizza. The picture below was Jenny's entry. We thought they were so cute. She won. Jeremy made a good one too, but I am a terrible picture taker and the picture is blurry. The other sisters brought cute pumpkin shaped ones from Papa Murphys and Jeremy's mom brought an upgraded one from Pap Murphys. (She added cute stuff to it, but we were hungry and ate it before I thought to take a picture.) It was a fun night.
Kaitlynn naturally has crazy hair, so Jeremy wanted to play on that and have her be a "Mad scientist" for Halloween. When we tried to mess her hair up (because it was laying flat that day) all that happened was the Mousse and hairspray weighed it down. Her "lab coat" looked a little too big and the picture-taker forgot to have her hold her "brain in a jar" and goggles. So right here she looks like a drug addict. Just know that we had good intentions.
Here's a happy Cody. A rare sight, but welcome anytime.
Here is Kaitlynn before we go trick-or-treating. She looked super cute in her Nemo costume and people loved seeing her at the door. One lady even took her picture because she thought she was so cute. (We don't know that lady). You could ask her to wiggle her tail and she would put her hands out in front like she was swimming and shake her booty. It was super cute!
We went with some good friends who have three little girls (one is Kaitlynn's age) and scored a bunch of candy. It was a low-key Halloween and we had a great time. We came home, ate popcorn, and watched Harry Potter afterwards. I have heard of people having the Great Pumpkin come (where you throw out all the candy and give the kids a gift the next day) but I can't fathom throwing out expensive candy. I usually don't eat it and I would love to start that tradition. I guess I would need to start a new tradition of being less cheap first.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

The first picture is Kaitlynn's pumpkin "with a smile" (see previous blog). These are just some pictures from when we went to the pumpkin patch and afterwards in Kaitlynn's and Cody's matching pajamas. She thinks it is so fun to have matching PJs like Cody. Cody crying in his car seat is his state prior to the pumpkin patch trip. (Hooray. This should be fun!) Again, just some random stuff.