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Monday, January 5, 2009

Kaitlynn-isms part 2

I forgot one little story. Again my little TV addict said:
I want to watch TV.
No, you've been watching it all day.
"The TV wants to talk."
No, it doesn't. It has been on all day.
She is very creative.

Here is a picture of both kids. Kaitlynn couldn't figure out the "show your teeth" but make it a nice smile concept. Cody is wondering why he has to sit next to this goofball. Peace.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I have been writing down the funny things that Kaitlynn has said. So here are updated pictures and the crazy things that come out of her mouth.

This was us at Thanksgiving. Anyone who got a Christmas card from us will recognize it.

So we were driving back from a trip to our friend's cabin in Pine in October and both kids were exhausted so Kaitlynn had fallen asleep watching a movie in the car and we had turned it off. We were getting off the freeway at Eagle when she wakes up from a coma, essentially, and screams "I CAN'T SEE!" Jeremy and I aren't sure if she thinks she is blind or if she is devastated that the movie turned off. But I was thinking "blind" by the way she screamed. Of course, the movie was the problem, but if anyone else had been there, they would have been as concerned as we were that she had lost her vision. Afterwards we laughed because she's such a dork. (and a TV addict)

Joni got her this super cute dress for Christmas. We had to get her picture in it. She looks great in red.

Here's my little heartbreaker.

This story tells me that she is going to be as particular and obsessive as Jeremy about repeating things exactly as they were said. (Something I do not have a knack for).
Christina: Can I have a bite of your bagel?
Kaitlynn: Yeah!
Kaitlynn gets in her chair and sees that I took a bite of her bagel.
Kaitlynn: You take a bite of my bagel? (kind of ticked)
Christina: You said yes, I could.
Kaitlynn thinks for a minute.
Kaitlynn: I didn't say 'yes', I said yeah!

hmmm. this picture looks worse the bigger I make it. I think I will leave it alone.

What a cutie!

After Kaitlynn woke up from a late afternoon nap, she was being particularly whiny. Everything was dramatic. She was asking for some candy and I told her no, that we were going to have dinner soon. She said "Mom, you want some candy?"
I told her, "No. I want to have dinner."
She said, (in a whiny voice) "You don't want dinner, you want some candy."
I can't say it wasn't entirely untrue.

OK. Seriously. I warned Jeremy that if he let her in the house with a worm, I would be upset. So sure enough, here comes Kaitlynn with this disgusting worm. I turn around and she says "Look, Mom." I scream. She looks confused, drops the worm and starts crying. Jeremy is laughing and I am trying to console her while yelling at Jeremy to get this worm out of my house and now Kaitlynn is afraid of worms. I am adamant that it is his fault. I told him the consequences if he brought any of those worms in here and he didn't listen, so now she is scarred for life and I don't feel bad about it at all. Look at that thing though. That is so gross.

There is a guy in Meridian Greens who has his house decked out for Christmas and on Friday and Saturday nights he lets kids come sit on his lap, get a picture, and gives them a candy cane and glow stick. Both kids did really well this year. The little boy behind us, though...I'm guessing he had nightmares from how upset he was at sitting on Santa's lap.

Kaitlynn has learned how to do Knock Knock jokes...This is her first attempt:
Kaitlynn: "Knock. Knock."
Jeremy: "Who's there?"
long pause.
Kaitlynn "Chocolate milk"
Jeremy: "Chocolate milk who"
Kaitlynn: Ummmm.... Chocolate milk pizza"

Random, I know, but she gets how they work. That's pretty good.

The last thing that our baby girl has been up to is watching Beauty and the Beast. She is fascinated with it and learning the songs from it. But she gets upset when the townspeople want to "Kill the Beast". She runs to me and says "We love our Beast!" Yes we do.
Here is a picture of her Christmas ballerina outfit she got from Grandma and Grandpa.

We had a great Christmas and need a new house to hold all the stuff we got, but we feel very loved and appreciate all the things that we received. Happy 2009!