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Sunday, August 15, 2010


We went to Boise in July for Kaitlynn's birthday and for the Miller family reunion. I have some pictures of Kaitlynn's birthday and just everyday life. Some are boring but some are funny.
This kid can eat!

Jeremy and I took Kaitlynn out to Chick FilA for dinner. She got her face painted and then we went to see Toys Story 3. It was a fun night for all of us. (Except Cody who was sick with the babysitter.) Kaitlynn's birthday at home:
We left for Boise the day after this.

I made that "Barbie skirt" cake but the barbie was too tall to fit in it. It was too late to figure anything else out so it was a pink on pink cake but she loved it.
Fun times:

At the reunion:

At Fairy Tale Land in Sacramento:

To take the slide...or not?

Cody's birthday. Jeremy had an unexpected new job come up so he had to go away for 2 weeks at the last minute. This means he missed Cody's 2nd birthday. We celebrated anyway and here is how it went down. Cody got to spend the evening with his best buddy Brielle. They had a great time, as you will see:

His cake: (close enough, given the circumstances)

Good times. Happy number 2, buddy. As a side note, someone must have told Cody that he turned 2 because he has taken on the crazy "terrible twos" in the last 2 weeks. Out-of-control crazy child.
Since daddy was gone we went to San Francisco with some friends whose daddy is also gone. We went to a museum right under the Golden Gate Bridge. It wasn't the coolest museum but we had a fun time with our friends. Here are some pics:

We walked Pier 39, ate cotton candy, In-n-out burgers, crepes (chocolate filled), watched the sea lions lay around (they stink, literally). It was fun.
Kaitlynn's funny things lately:
1. Mom, there is something in the playroom. It is either a mouse...or an alligator.
2. Mom, I don't want to take a bath or a shower. Can't you just wash me down with a big rag?
3. She was very upset that I wouldn't let her pet the dead mouse that I was throwing over the fence. I blame Cinderella...all those friendly mice.

So Kaitlynn is about to start school...and so am I. I am super excited. I was also elected to be the President of a non-profit organization so I have been busy with all that entails. Jeremy just got tasked to be the Readiness officer for Civil Engineering which...I don't know much about but it is a high visibility job but will be higher stress. After 2 days at training he said, "This isn't fun anymore". I'm sure he can handle it. 
So that was our summer... Hope yours was great!