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Monday, April 15, 2013

Deployment-end Eve

My dictatorship and free-loading off of friends will come to an end in the morning. My husband will be rejoining our family. Friends who I have come to love dearly will feel less inclined to let us crash their dinners, drop by in the late evening hours and disturb their peace. It is the eve before things will change dramatically for me and for our family. I am not anxious, nervous, or frustrated. I just know that tomorrow morning I will not be a free agent any longer. I will also not be lonely, self-centered, or the complete decision maker. It is strange, this military life. I have been a single mom for over 7 months now and it really is something you get used to.

But I would be ungrateful if I didn't acknowledge the countless friends who have helped me endure this "neglect" while we live on this small island. So I would like to tell the: Torgesen Family, Lund Family, Douglas Family, Crossley Family. Shwalb Family, Hardgrave Family, Anderson Family, Stutzman Family, Wood Family, Holtzhauer Family, and the rest of the families in my life that I would had a difficult time surviving our adventure on this rock without you. You service, food, childcare, concern, and love for me and my family made me happy and strong and I could not have done this alone.

Sometimes the Lord sends us to unfavorable places where we are isolated and far from home but He has compensated by sending strong families to be here with us. These families are blessed with kids that are similar to my own kids' ages and parents that are my age as well. It truly feels like we have family from all over the world on my street and close by.

Tomorrow Jeremy will be home and I feel like this amazing man, who is my very best friend and love of my life, is a stranger to almost all these friends. So my wish is that Jeremy will come to know and love these fantastic families as I have come to know them and that we can all be Best Friends for Life (BFfL). (I am going to trademark that.)

So cheers to a new chapter of the Miller life as we "re-integrate" our family.