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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fun in the fall

So I have a lot of pictures but not too many stories. I will narrate but the pictures tell it all...
 Getting ready for Halloween. I don't have any pictures of Kaitlynn as Daphne from Scooby Doo (Thanks, Aunt Kristie. She loved it.)
 We flew to Ohio to see Daddy (he left in Mid-October for training at Wright-Patterson AFB and will be back in Mid-December). He took us to the Air Force Museum and we had a fun time looking at all the planes.
This is my terrible photography. They got to sit in a jet but the lighting and angle were awful.

This is before we left...we went to Boise for Girl's weekend with my cousins. (Still waiting on pictures of that) But while we were there we got these beautiful Christmas dresses from Costco. Here is Kaitlynn posing in one before church.
This video is before we left for Ohio. Kaitlynn was singing me a song and it was so cute but she caught me taping her and stopped. We were making Egg McMuffins and she was helping me make them.
 So after flying in to Dayton, Ohio we drove to Detroit, Michigan to spend the week with my Aunt Teresa and Uncle Alex. It is fall and you know what that means...LEAVES. We played for a while in them and...oddly enough, a miracle happened. Three pictures down...Cody smiled.
 Jeremy...well, sort of did. :)

This video just makes me laugh. CHHEEEESSSSE!!!!
 This is my new favorite family picture. I love the colors of the Hawaii picture at the top but I love the look of us in the fall leaves.
 Portraits of self(s). I am a terrible photographer and up close is not pretty...but we are together and that is what matters.
 Daddy and kids.
Mommy and kids.
 My cousin, Stephanie on the left, Uncle Al in the middle and Amanda, new cousin-in-law (to be). My cousin Eric proposed to Amanda while we were there. He used her grandmothers diamond and put a new band on it. Beautiful.
 Um, yeah. Helping the guys with the Christmas lights? It was chilly and she refused to wear a coat every time we went out. So frustrating. At least we didn't argue about wearing a dress everyday. I didn't even bring any. We did have to buy a couple new clothes because she HATED everything I brought for her. Ugh!
How many men does it take to light some candy cane lights?
 We went to the Henry Ford museum. They had all kinds of stuff there. It was really interesting. I don't even know what you would say to describe what is in there. Just tons of things used throughout time. Different ways they made chairs, steam, tractors, furniture, cars. Just a great big history lesson. It was really cool.
 And Legos. We loved that section. Jeremy is building a gray Empire State Building, Cody is building a tower and Kaitlynn wants a castle.
 Aunt Teresa, busy building.

And we said our goodbyes at Grandpa's old house. Cousin Eric bought it and is re-doing the whole thing. 

Stephanie and Uncle Al. See you all at the wedding. Thank you for the great week and fun times. We had a blast!

So that is our trip to Ohio and Michigan. We had a great time and were so happy to see daddy and the Kocsisko's.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

One more picture...

This was us at the character breakfast. We got to meet Chip N Dale, Mulan, Baloo, Pluto, Peter Pan, we danced multiple times with Goofy and ate a lot of yummy food. This was a fun morning.

Disneyland and other stuff...

This was Kaitlynn's first day of preschool (which is equivalent to Kindergarten back in Idaho). She goes from 830-1130 M-F. She loves her teachers - Ms. Tammy (above) and Ms. Amy. Her favorite friend is Eva.
So Kaitlynn started school and then we went to Disneyland!!!
We are in the shuttle from the hotel on our way...
 Here we are with... Pinocchio and Geppeto along with our friend Emma.
Then we walked to the Castle. Kaitlynn was thrilled that we finally made it to the "Disney Castle" that we see at the beginning of all the Disney movies.
This is a little parade that they had where they sang songs. Some pushy lady's head is in most of the other pictures so this is the best one we got.
 Cody and I on our horse. Emma on hers.
Our friends Emma, Scott and Jenna.
This is our group at Lightning McQueen. Good times.
Kaitlynn with her Princess autograph book and Princess Pen. ($20)  

We loved the Winnie the Pooh ride. And the Monsters Inc. ride. We rode that one 6 times in a row. 

Kaitlynn went on Splash mountain...I didn't. I did get talked into California Screaming, though. My heart stopped, I am sure. I hate thrill rides.
Princess Tiana. Loved her accent.

Princess Jasmine.
Princess Belle.

Oh, yes. We had to get the Prince's signature and picture too.

This is a bear playground that the kids loved. We played for quite a while climbing the nets, sliding, and running around.
 Baby Michael! This is us hanging out outside a ride while all the others went inside. Dang that 40 inch rule. Don't they know our family is just short?

Spinning on the lady bugs was great. 
This is something that we didn't see all that often. Cody smiling.
Pioneer Children sang as they walked, and walked, and walked and walked. Seriously. Lots of walking 
 involved. The kids slept well every night.
The night show!!
Beach Day!!! Yes, I am the one in the jeans and hat. It wasn't that warm, people.

This is Kaitlynn driving a car. It is night-time so it is hard to see but she is just giggling and thought it was the greatest. I felt like I had whiplash. She is a terrible driver.
This was a super fun breakfast that Kaitlynn, Christian, Joni and I went to. You are looking at the top of Chip's head and the guy in green was Peter Pan. This guy was awesome. He is sitting there, in character, telling that guy that "I talk to Wendy all the time. Actually, she talks to me all the time because she  talks too much."
Then we got to ride the tram at the very back so we got to see out the big window. It was great!
Loved the green Army guy. Woody was great too!
I don't remember what this island thing was called. Huck Finn? Mark Twain? I don't know. The kids had a great time.
We finally saw Buzz!!!
And that summarizes Disney. Not that you can summarize Disney...well, yes you can..."Spare no expense." Disney's motto passed down to you (and your wallet). Probably more pictures will be posted as they roll in from family and friends but this is all I had.
We are now back at home. I am caught up on homework. Jeremy leaves in one month (for 2 months) and then he will be home for three months only to leave again for 6 months. Too bad there is no such thing as substitutes for dads/husbands. Or better yet, hiring someone to work/travel for you so you don't have to.