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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekly updates

So I have a goal to update this weekly while Jeremy is gone so he can see what we are doing each week. He has been gone almost 2 weeks and this is my first post. On top of it. I know. I just have a couple pictures and a few stories.
Kaitlynn has been busy trying to be a teenager. She is sassy and always wanting to call a friend over. She also wanted to watch the Hannah Montana movie. Here is her interpretive dance of "Hoe Down":

Cody has developed a love of shoes. Girl, boy, doesn't matter. He loves trying them on and wearing them as far as he can get before falling down.

We decorated for Halloween yesterday. I was pretty proud of myself. It actually turned out pretty cute. At night, the orange lights in the window look great.

I ran my race yesterday (Women's Fitness Celebration) - and that's all I'm going to say about that. No pics either, thank goodness.

A few weeks ago, Jeremy got sworn in. (the room is ugly and this picture is shiny and weird)

Jeremy and Stoney took Kaitlynn and Callie on their annual daddy-daughter camp out. Here are the girls afterwards while the dads unloaded the truck.

And last but not least, It is football season. Not the same without daddy, but on the bright side once it is over, Daddy will be home.

So here we are. Surviving. And today, that will be good enough.