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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Unexpected trip

It is hard to live far away from family especially when you get the call that says, "Grandpa is dying. Come say goodbye." So I left the kids with some good friends while Jeremy is working and flew across the US. I was pretty happy because he remembered who I was despite the hair color change and the weight loss. He told me that he was proud of me and that was really precious because I really have no idea what he was thinking about or talking about. But I was happy that I was told that he can't remember my brother's name. Ha ha Mike. (He deserves this because he thinks he is the chosen child.) Anyway, he seems to be getting better since we have been here. He is the most resilient man I have ever met. He has cancer everywhere, is coughing up blood, and is skin and bones but I told him he was too weak to take a shower without help and he about came off the couch at me. It's that crazy Italian blood. He might outlive my mom at this rate. Lol. He is wearing her down. Crotchity old guy. Love it.
The first tornado warning siren I have ever heard blared last night. Beautiful storm but that lightning and thunder was intense.
Cody has had a fever ever since I left but my friends, Alyssa and Theresa, have been wonderful and of course, Jeremy. I love that guy. Thanks to all of you.