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Sunday, April 25, 2010

One more week!

Jeremy left March 16. So the last few months have been "trying"... as in, I have been trying not to want to kill the emotional wreck of a 3 year old. I don't know if she is missing her dad and that is what is triggering the crying fits everyday. (I mean literally - EVERYDAY.) I've also been trying to combat Cody's croup or whatever he has. It is almost sounding like asthma. He has me worried because he gets these coughing spells where he can hardly breathe. Alas, this is my last lonely Saturday night for a time. Then I have an ally and partner and maybe even a comrade to take over...but all these issues will probably be resolved by the time he comes home. Magically Kaitlynn will snap out of it and Cody will have been to the doctor for the third time by then and maybe we will be on our way to recovery. Anyway, here is our life for the last 2 lonely months. I won't post pics of me mowing the lawn, driving for 10 hours one-way in sleet and hail, (getting pulled over - but flirting my way out of a ticket), cooking dinner while Cody lies on the floor and cries, or of the garbage being taken out each week on schedule as if nothing changed. But I digress, here are some happier highlights:

(In chronological order)

Kaitlynn has been in school each day and loves it. She has dance and gymnastics and it fills up our weeks. Cody has a sign language class but he really only likes the bubble machine and we have to wait until the end to play with that so I don't always make it. We spend time with friends and watching movies so it has been fun.

Easter: We slept at my parents house and celebrated the Easter Bunny on Saturday so that the kids will know that Sunday is special. However, almost all my cousins came to town and by doing this, it pretty much screwed up all their Easter bunny celebrations as Kaitlynn is saying how her bunny came on Saturday. So I will do that at home next year. The kids got some cute clothes and "Barbies". (those rubber princess dolls) We dyed eggs and played and played and had a HUGE Easter Egg hunt at Grandma Linda's (Smith) house. The Easter Bunny brought Kaitlynn a Leapster2. Thank you "Easter Bunny" (you know who you are.) Then in mid-April, Jen came to visit us from Boston. We hung out for the week and went to the Jelly Bean factory near San Francisco, went swimming, and just did a lot of organizing. It was great to have her here and the kids loved being held by an extra set of hands. Thanks Jen! It was so nice to have you here.

I am super tired since no one has been sleeping lately and have taken to rambling, so here are some pics:

Cody and Jake on Grandpa's four-wheeler.
Gracie and Kaitlynn dying eggs with Grandma.

And this is why Kaitlynn is grounded from gum until she turns 4. Sunday morning she comes in the bathroom to ask if I can get the gum out of her hair. Apparently that means "I was trying to make a necklace out of the gum." However, it wan't just one piece of gum, it was two. One on each side. Nice necklace, huh?
And this is what happens when daddy is gone. "Where is the room for mommy', you ask? On the couch, of course.
One more week til daddy comes home. Hooray!